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All About Noisy Nosy Nancy

The Noisy Nosy Nancy Network was founded by Nancy. Needless to say, she is noisy and nosy. (Well, she is curious and talkative.)

This website is for anyone who is interested in off the beaten path news, stories, books, history, shopping, and helpful information. However, truth be told, it will probably appeal the most to middle aged women!

There are eight main categories:

  1. Nancy Drew Investigates – Nancy investigates current items or obscure people in the news and tells you what she found out;
  2. The Genuine, Original Family Dinner Plan;
  3. Health & Wellness;
  4. Bargain Basement Shopping – Get the most bang for your buck;
  5. Old Wives Tales – Amazing stories from the past and present;
  6. Rural America – Posts about life in rural America which is rapidly vanishing;
  7. Listicles & Extras;
  8. Nonfiction recommendations

To contact Nancy, send a note to

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